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Artist statement

Maria Bordelon

Painting and 3-D Art




In my work I paint collected objects, such as shards, abandoned birds’ nests, dried roots, petrified snails, etc. The size, scale, skin, and texture of each item speak a silent language to me that is magnetic. As an adult, I propose that I have transferred my early familial relationships to these special items; the personality of each piece takes me back to my childhood memories.


I always paint to describe the inside of an object or the movement of its form. Abstraction is my process to accomplish this. Since I paint this silent collection on the large field of a blank canvas, I treat the background as an important narrative element. I envelop the objects in colors that carry emotions. I often wrap small, individual spaces around each piece so that the object may have a footing in an expansive field. Other times, the objects float freely in open space. Placement of these items do not have to be symmetrical, only balanced, and only for the tokens to have a conversation with each other.


To accept any object as a subject worthy of painting, I must recognize its “thing-ness” and its contribution to beauty.


For me, painting is a delightful act of remembering things that attract my senses.

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